My Bio

How On Earth Did I Get Here?

The marketing bug bit me around 2011, and this since marketing has been my life’s passion. I was studying towards a degree in Tourism Management at the time, and in 2012 (in my final year), I changed my degree to Marketing Management.

I battled to find work in marketing for a long time and nearly gave up. I worked for a big company in the property industry, and this is where I found my lucky break. I worked as a Residential Leasing Administrator and volunteered to man the rolling widget adverts at the front desk. From there, I started doing free classified advertisements and helping out at mall activations over weekends to build up at least some experience. It wasn’t great, but I sucked it up for a year and started looking for marketing positions again.

After a four-month interview process, I landed a marketing job in the leisure industry.  There had been social media marketers working there, but a purely marketing position was new to the department. I started off with four timeshare clubs.It was pretty much a case of “There’s your desk, here’s an hour’s daily call centre training to get to know the brands and off you go”. Within the first few months, I even had to draw up my own mandate. This was all daunting, especially with timeshare having so many negative connotations.

I made a conscious decision that I will market these brands and develop them up to the point where I’ll love them unconditionally. Until then, I haven’t done what I have come here to do.

I loved my job from the start and within my fist year, I had acquired another two brands, both commercial resorts, and won a company award for excellence. Soon after, I acquired a third brand. I developed my brands, loved them and nurtured them. I often refer to them as my children.

One of my brands is a commercial and timeshare resort located in Kenya. Due to political unrest, occupancy has been a major challenge. I was given to opportunity to visit the resort in 2016, and since then I’ve been working towards taking it to a whole new level. But with this, I had to let some of my other brands go. Which children shall I give away? Not an easy decision! I put my emotions aside entirely and decided to part ways with the remaining two commercial resorts. Ultimately, I could gain more experience when juggling two different types of business entities.

Now it’s just me, my four timeshare clubs, my beautiful baby in Kenya and my big love, Marketing. With this blog, I hope to share my knowledge and help other aspiring marketers to achieve their goals. There really is no bigger reward than doing what you love and getting paid for it!

Yours truly,

Wendy McFarlane

The Lifelong Marketing Student




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