Why I love being a marketer


There are so many reasons to love marketing and I constantly find myself falling in love with marketing and everything that it revolves around.

A few of my favourite things…

• I always have a notepad and a pen nearby when I need one. You know for in case inspiration strikes, but also super handy for quickly jotting down numbers and details. Wouldn’t you agree?

• Being tech savvy – because you have to be, but really also to save you time and effort, and help you find and explore new marketing opportunities. Being tech savvy is a tech-run world can only be to your advantage.

• It’s a Wednesday night and I’m learning how to video scribe. Why? Because this is the coolest industry EVER!

• It’s a creatively and intellectually challenging job, which is awesome. Every day is different, and how exciting your job is, is up to you.

• The feeling you get when your strategy works!

• The human mind is fascinating and when you’re a marketer you learn to understand other dimensions of the mind as you focus your energy on changing consumer thinking and driving change.

•No matter how much research you do, no matter how carefully you plan and no matter how brilliantly you execute a campaign, behaviour is unpredictable. You never how consumers will react, which keeps you on your toes and makes every day exciting.

What do you love about marketing?

Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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